Is your roof 10+ years old?

Living in the Sunshine state means your shingles are constantly under a barrage of assaults from mother nature. From the scorching sun to high-MPH wind storms, the integrity of your roof is always under attack. The reliability of a shingle roof really starts to decline after about 10 years which means around this time the rest of your structure can be vulnerable to the elements.

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Roof inspections are necessary for locating the source of hard to find leaks. Regular inspections are also an essential component of responsible roof maintenance. Along with a routine preventative maintenance program, roof inspections can reduce the severity and frequency of leaks, extend the life cycle of your roof and help to avoid costly roof replacement. In the event your roof does need extensive restoration or replacement, an inspection is the only way to make a proper diagnosis.

It’s almost impossible to accurately determine the condition of a home’s roof from the ground, and getting on the roof can be dangerous for most homeowners. The only way to get a full evaluation is to have a qualified roofing professional perform a roof inspection. We will inspect for any possible storm damage as well as test for proper ventilation of your roof, which is the #1 cause of roof failure.

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